WIP Wednesday

Can’t believe it’s nearly a month since I last blogged. Time is just speeding by. I’m on half term now, have half an essay to write and so really shouldn’t be knitting, but there you go. :-)


And I had a craving for cables. Not surprising, really, after miles and miles of garter stitch (currently having a bit of a holiday in the cupboard). A small project makes sense, too, because it’ll be finished quicker and I could possibly knit on the six minute train journey to college each week… But Rose needs new sweaters. Even though spring is looming, if we have another rubbish summer this year, jumpers and cardigans will be needed.

The pattern is Killeany from Aran Knitting. It would be nice, after having this book for over two years, if I actually knitted one pattern from it. St Brigid never got more than a few rows knitted, you see, because shortly after starting, I decided to become vegan. Which is a complete, hundred-and-eighty degree turnaround from being a meat eating, animal wearing person. And after a lot of questioning myself, I decided that I didn’t want to knit a sweater from animal fibre because I knew I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it. And sod knitting a ridiculously fiddly sweater for a year to stick it in a cupboard! So I frogged my meagre progress and have been thinking about trying to find an alternative yarn ever since. :-)

So Rose gets to be first to have a sweater from the book. It’s not a particularly difficult pattern. There’s a lot going on with the different cable panels, though after a few rows it became easy to read. Other than the snakey cable which I’ve missed twisting or twisted too early a couple of times. I now have a list of all the rows I need to work it on. ;-) The saddle shoulders will be a new challenge, too, though none of it is particularly “hard”, it needs concentration.

I’m using Sirdar Supersoft Aran, which feels and knits up very similar to Stylecraft Special Aran; maybe a bit more “woolly”. It’s cabling beautifully, anyway, and will be a breeze to wash. In boring, domestic mode, acrylic is a lifesaver for knitting sweaters than can withstand all manner of spills and just be machine washed with everything else. I look back at the mad woman I was, who knitted tiny silk hats for a newborn baby, and want to smack her round the head. ;-) Anyway, the shade – “Poppy” – is a true red-red; less orange than the photo (it proved a PITA to photograph and this was the best of the bunch) and less pink than Special Aran in “Lipstick”.

I will try to blog before another month passes. It’s my birthday in a couple of weeks, anyway, so I’ll have cake to (virtually) share!

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Marji MonsterID Icon Marji says:

    I respect your choice about becoming vegan as I am not much of a meat eater myself. However, as an actual farm girl, who has raised actual milk cows, horses, and sheep, I just must mention that the sheep are generally quite relieved to be sheared as the warmer weather approaches.

    It annoys them, in much the same way Rose gets annoyed when you make her sit still or take a time out. The best part is that they sort of hide from each other afterwards like they know they’re naked. It passes very quickly.

  2. Jennyff MonsterID Icon Jennyff says:

    I’m on a cable kick too at the moment, interspersed with plain socks. Yours looks lovely.
    And can I as another farmer’s daughter just agree with Marji. Dont want to start a war but sheep are truly delighted when they’ve been sheared and British farming needs our support.

  3. christina MonsterID Icon christina says:

    I’m enjoying getting caught up on your blog. I’ve not posted a lot myself lately, and I have not spent as much time as I’d like reading blogs either! I love those last minute stockings you posted around Christmas. I’m going to queue those up right now! Your cables look awesome too!

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