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So now the weather is cooler, I am going down with yet another throat infection. Which I realise doesn’t make much sense to anyone, as I had the last two earlier this year when I wasn’t blogging and so you’re all thinking “another one?”, but the first one ended up with me in hospital which was most (not) joyous. So I am feeling rough, not knitting, but drinking enough water to keep a camel going for several weeks.

But I do want to share a book bargain which I’m afraid is pretty UK-centric. If you have a branch of The Works near to you, then go with all possible speed to look at their craft section. I didn’t even know there was one as it was tucked at the back of the shop and I normally barely get past the front due to the mountain of children’s books and small toddler combination. However, I was amazed at the selection of craft books they have, at considerably less than the cover price. Last week I picked up a copy of Knitting Classic Style:


for a ridiculously low £3.99. There are also heaps of them on their website. I am probably going to discover I am the last person on the planet to know about their book bargains, but just in case I’m not, that’s my tip for this week. :-D

3 thoughts on “Book Bargain

  1. Bea MonsterID Icon Bea says:

    It almost sounds like tonsillitis, but I know your doctor would have figured that one out the first time. Hope you’re better soon and I’m sure reading your new book will help in the healing process.

  2. Marji MonsterID Icon Marji says:

    I always get sick when there are sudden changes in the barometric pressure, which means this year has been a delight since it took a very long time to get warm and then we slammed into hotter-than-usual summer temperatures.

    I hope you’re feeling better by now. :(

    I found the book used for $5.50! You have a wonderful eye. Those are great patterns.

    It is morally wrong to put toys at the entrance to a store. Wrong. On so many levels!

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