Well, That Answers One Question

Will a colour catcher save my sweater?

A Bit Pink

No, it will not.

It is pinker than before. I don’t doubt the brilliant of colour catcher sheets, because I used two (the packet recommended two for extreme dye situations and I felt this was one of those) and they are both pinker than an embarrassed pig:

Also Pink

So there is some serious dye leakage going on with that yarn. Nope, not using it again even if it was the only yarn left in the entire world and I would never be able to knit again if I didn’t use it. Bottoms to you, King Cole. Your yarn made me cry and drink wine. Knitting shouldn’t do that. I am going to go and look for nice, non-runny yarn instead. Recommendations for all synthetic/plant fibre DK-weight yarns in a nice cherry red and cream would be appreciated. :-)

5 thoughts on “Well, That Answers One Question

  1. Many excellent yarns may have a little dye seepage. I would suggest soaking a skein of the new red yarn to assess seepage. If it’s a protein fiber, adding vinegar will held the fiber grab & hold onto the dye. Seepage depends on many factors: color, fiber, dye lot and process.

  2. Christina MonsterID Icon Christina says:

    Ugh! I’ve been following these posts about that beautiful sweater and feeling your pain so much that I just have to close the post and try no to think about it. How frustrating – and they recommended this yarn for that project. :(

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