WIP Wednesday – Actually Not Much Progress

It’s finally cool enough to blog now. ;-)

The weather has been at its hottest the past few days and I have felt unmotivated to do anything remotely energetic. Even typing made my fingers sweat, for crying out loud. So I’m afraid not much knitting has occurred here, either.

The Snuggly DK for the second Snowflake sweater arrived Saturday morning, thanks to super-fast delivery from Deramores and my intensive colour checking paid off, because the red is perfect.

Sirdar Snuggly DK

I think the name “Brick Red” is slightly misleading, because bricks are orangey reddish brown to my mind

Just in case you don’t know what bricks look like…

and this is a nice, darker red that doesn’t have any orange or brown tones to it. Not quite but nearly cherry red. It’s nicer than The Red I Will Not Speak Of which was a bit too bright. I don’t know what to do about pre-washing it, though. Whether to a) go through the rigmarole of winding both balls into skeins washing them, drying them and then winding them back into balls (all without the aid of a swift) which is the sensible option, or b) knit a wee red swatch and wash it fairly hot with some cream yarn and see what occurs. This is the quicker option and if the water or the cream yarn does look pinkish, I can then go full-on with option a). Though then I worry that everything will seem fine and then I knit the whole sweater, wash it and end up with another colour run mess. I do feel that a more sensible woman would just choose two colours that aren’t going to cause so much stress. ;-)

Snowflake Yoke

Anyway, for the time being I have started the yoke. Started it twice, of course, because I used the wrong size needles for the moss-stitch edging and had tiny neck trauma again. But this version is going well. I am very much not a fan of knitting the same pattern twice, but this is a nice lace pattern and second time around is going much more quickly. Hoping for the cooler weather to continue (I’m sitting next to an open door, there’s a breeze coming through and I have actual goose pimples on my arm!) so that some proper progress can be made.

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  1. Jay MonsterID Icon Jay

    That’s a lovely shade of Red, it will create a striking contrast. Everything will be fine, think happy thoughts. The rest of us will have wax and barbed pins at the ready should effigies be needed but I can’t see it happening again;-)