Book Review: Playful Woolly Toppers

As promised, a review of Woolly Wormhead’s latest book, Playful Woolly Toppers. Now, if it wasn’t patently obvious, I am a huge fan of hat knitting for small people. Before Rose was born, she had nine – nine!! – hats awaiting her arrival. All of which were too big for her tiny head, but that changed quickly:

self-indulgent photo of Rose at one month old because cuteness

And to date, I have knitted several of Woolly Wormhead’s designs for her:

Quatra Cupcake Hat Waltzer Queenie

So I snapped up a copy of Playful Woolly Toppers pretty quickly. :-D I do like a slightly quirky hat and Rose is of the age where she doesn’t mind indulging her mother’s whims. I do hope that it will mean that she grows up to develop her own sense of style and not become a pink princess clone. But nursery starts next week and I fear I will lose her forever. ;-)

The book contains ten designs, some of which are also sized to fit big people as well as small ones and all are available individually. Of the big-person-sized Hats, I love Elfdans but it won’t suit me at all; I am very much a beret person because of my giant moon face.

Of the “girlie” designs, I adore Sproutling:

and Morea:

Sproutling because it looks like a blueberry, and Morea because BOBBLES! :-D One of those is going to be my first knit from the book, though I’ll probably end up knitting both. Rose got a *whispers* shop-bought hat last winter, so I need to make it up to the knitting gods. ;-)

And just a confession about the new shiny distracting me from my sweater-knitting-for-me plans. Have you seen Dragonslark?

Oh my giddy aunt, I LOVE this sweater. I want it in a nice oatmeal-ish brown with a big purple collar. I may have already chosen the yarn. Help. ;-)

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Playful Woolly Toppers

  1. Marji MonsterID Icon Marji says:

    THAT is a lovely sweater. Get crackin’, girl!

    The loss is temporary. My daughter went through a stage at about four where if it wasn’t a dress, with ruffles, and ribbons, and bows, and lace, and PINK, it couldn’t be worn.

    She is now an incredibly chic minimalist dresser.

    Who knew?

  2. Oh my god that sweater…I might have to add that to my queue for myself. It’s gorgeous. And those hats are just too sweet. I might have to join you and knit one for Luke for the Winter. His current one still kind of fits…but you can never have enough hats…right?

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