Bobbling Along

More cables and bobbles

I was more motivated to knit over the weekend, and I am now almost to the armholes of the “carrot” sweater. As a pattern it is brilliant to knit. I really appreciate the simplicity of the cables, but it’s not simply tedious stocking stitch for a million stitches without stopping. I am getting very aware that time is marching on and it will soon be C********s and I have some socks to knit for MrB. Whether this sweater will be done before I really have to put down tools and start sock knitting remains to be seen!

Fortunately for my inner pattern magpie, the glut of wonderful new patterns has slowed down and I am not distracted by the new shiny so much. I sometimes wish for the old pre-Ravelry days when patterns were much more likely to be book-based and in smaller sizes that wouldn’t even fit me for this reason. Though I do also occasionally wonder what a certain designer thinks of the fact that pattern sizing is far more inclusive than it used to be, and whether she is aghast at it ruining their integrity. *ahem* As I haven’t bought any of her adult-sized books at all, I don’t know whether she has embraced the bosom or not, but with enough beautiful patterns out there to keep me going forever, I don’t need to. :-P

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