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I think I’ve written before that I haven’t always liked garter stitch. To me it represented too many unfinished learner dishcloths and “easy knits” for beginners. The memory of the tediousness of knitting those dishcloths with metal needles and splitty craft cotton always makes me shudder. Garter stitch is far more unforgiving of sloppy tension than stocking stitch IMHO, and even easy knits have to be sewn (badly) together. But my skills progressed and of course I then discovered Elizabeth Zimmermann and I grew to have warmer feelings towards it, and to actually like the simplicity and rustic-ness.

Knitting a whole gigantic blanket in garter stitch does feel almost beginner-ish, though. It’s certainly not a challenge to follow the pattern for the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket, but it’s proving to be incredibly slow progress. I am currently on the fourth section. So that you can appreciate this, I refer you to my fancy revised schematic from back in January when I was full of optimism about finishing this in a matter of a couple of weeks:

Unfortunately, all this does is make it look as though I have hardly knitted anything and still have a piddling little dishcloth-sized blanket. However!

Blanket in progress

It is already big enough to cover my legs, which is handy when it gets a bit nippy in the evenings, although the weight makes it very cumbersome to knit (and I realise that it’s only half its finished size yet!). This navy section is 66 ridges long, so 132 rows over 132 stitches. It is going to use up just over 200g of yarn, and I’m currently about halfway through the second ball. It is very, very slow and boring. Fortunately, it’s the only navy square on the blanket which means I’ll have just over one ball left, so my plan is to use that for the border. But I am going to need more cream yarn, for sure, as I’m pretty certain I only have one ball remaining unless I find more squirreled away somewhere. It took me half an hour to find where I’d put the blanket yarn as it was!

This is all something of a moot point, anyway, because I HAVE YARN!


It arrived this afternoon. I don’t know where on earth it went before it came here, but at least means that I can dig out some needles and finally cast on later today. :-D

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  1. Christine MonsterID Icon Christine says:

    I used to feel that way about garter stitch, but now I love it. I recently finished a BSJ (except for buttons – which I bought on Monday) and I’d love to make an adult-sized EZ Tomten jacket. Jared Flood gave ‘directions’ for upsizing it to fit an adult. I may need to make a baby/child-sized one first though. I agree that you can use the half-finished blanket to keep your lap warm while you knit your new green sweater :)

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