My first knitterly task of the new year was to tackle a hole in Mr B’s Brand New Christmas Socks. *growls* I have never darned a pair of knitted socks. Usually they wear thin and then start getting holes and end up being replaced. But these ones were brand spanking new and only worn once. So I got myself a Prym darning mushroom because it looks like a little toadstool and Googled for videos and tutorials on how to actually do it.

The ones I found most useful were this video from Jummy Beans Wool (hint: you can use a lightbulb in place of a darning mushroom, though not sure it works with the low energy ones we have over here) and this article on Knitting Daily becuase Interweave always have such clear diagrams.

Like most new techniques, once you sit down and actually do it, it’s really not that hard. The finished sock looks obviously darned, but the hole was on the sole, so no one will see it, and they will actually get some wear which is the main thing!

Of course now I have a reason to save all the minuscule amounts of leftover yarn from every pair of socks I knit, just in case I need to do some darning. This doesn’t help with stash reduction. :-P

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  1. Bea Whitson MonsterID Icon Bea Whitson says:

    Oh, I hate that! There must have been a weak spot in the yarn. However, so glad you found the Knitting Daily article. I saved that one because I was never any good at darning and that one looked like a keeper. Thanks for the Jimmy Beans Wool video. Will watch that next. Now you have to come up with a place for all that scrap sock yarn you thought you could use for something else. Welcome to the club!

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