I Need Yarn!

I find it hard to comprehend, but the only manly sock-weight yarn I have in my stash turns out to be these two lonely balls of Jojoland Melody which I have had stashed forever. Mr B is not averse to wearing cheery socks, but would probably not appreciate any of the more enthusiastically coloured yarns I appear to own. In the interests of full disclosure, I do have this manly-coloured skein of Waterloo Wools Huron Fingering:

but just I can’t bring myself to use it for socks when it would make such a lovely shawl. This is why I have a stash, I suspect. Perhaps I should just frame it. :-P

So anyway, once I use the Melody for the first pair of manly socks, I actually need to buy yarn. And because I am buying from scratch rather than using up stash, it will need to be free from animal fibres. This is going to be another aspect to the challenge I hadn’t counted on. :-D

2 thoughts on “I Need Yarn!

  1. Emma MonsterID Icon Emma says:

    My local yarn shop stocks Wendy Happy, which I think I’m right in saying is just a bamboo and nylon blend, if that helps you out any. I’ve never used it myself but the shop has a few samples knitted up in it, and the colours are gorgeous (although possibly a bit bright, depending on what you’re after!).

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