Interweave Knits Spring 2014, or how I can’t stop buying patterns

(Still knitting the second manly sock, BTW. I have given myself until 14th February to get it done, as that’s when the Vegan Yarn Store opens and I can buy yarn for the second sock!)

I noticed the patterns from the Spring 2014 issue of Interweave Knits appearing on Ravelry this past week. I haven’t bought a copy for a long time so only just discovered that Eunny Jang is no longer the editor (hope that means she now might write a pattern book!) and wasn’t planning to buy this one at all because of my pattern diet, until I saw that the digital copy of the issue is a ridiculously bargainous $2.99 (about £1.84). How could I resist?!

I also have a craving for lace knitting at the moment, probably not helped by knitting stocking stitch socks for the entire month. There is some gorgeous lace in this issue:

O’Kelly’s Chapel Shawl by Shirley Paden

Monsoon Shawl by Angela Tong

Star House Cowl by Mindy Wilkes

so maybe if I can get the second sock done, I can whip up a shawl before the middle of February. ;-)

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