Manly Feet

Over the past nine years – it’s coming up for my nine year anniversary of learning how to knit socks next month! – I’ve knitted several pairs of socks for Mr B. I’ve found twenty in my Flickr album, but there are probably more, not least his first ever socks which I knitted pre-blogging when I didn’t really bother taking photos of every single bit of knitting I did (nope, don’t understand what I was thinking either!).

Despite the fact he has UK size 11 feet, knitting his socks isn’t that much of a slog. I like the fact that they’re the one knitted item that he will actually wear, and they also make the perfect present because they do take a fair bit of knitting and are therefore worth about a million pounds per pair. ;-)

So when I decided I wanted a knitting challenge of some sort this year and incidentally got one of my Christmas presents in this gift box:

which is far too nice to recycle and is about the size of a mansize shoebox, an Idea struck me. Wouldn’t it be lovely to give it to Mr B for Christmas 2014 filled with knitted socky goodness? :-D

Twelve pairs is my target, but half that would be good enough. I just need to go stash diving now and see if I have any manly sock yarns left over. And spend the final hour before I have to pick up Rose from nursery looking at sock patterns on Ravelry. Are there are brilliant big sock patterns out there that I must knit?

3 thoughts on “Manly Feet

  1. Karen MonsterID Icon Karen says:

    What a lovely idea! And, no pressure, if it’s only half as this will give you time to knit other, lovely stuff too. It’s a winner.
    I do notice in your photos, that the man’s socks are no longer modelled for you. Has he gone shy?!

  2. Roobeedoo MonsterID Icon Roobeedoo says:

    Oh my! I don’t think I could face 12 pairs of man-sized socks in a year!
    In terms of patterns, my recent favourites have been Hector and Reginald (from the Knitted Sock Society book) and Wallace – another Rachel Coopey pattern :) Until I discovered Rachel’s patterns, I liked the Freshman Cable socks (by Star Athena) for man-socks – I still like that one as it carries you forward through the pain barrier of long feet!

  3. Jennyff MonsterID Icon Jennyff says:

    Impressed, if you knit just one pair a month you’ll make it and any man with a drawer full of hand knitted socks is a happy man. I always like a bit of cable, on anything, but particularly on socks though too much tends to tighten them up. Yarn Harlots Earl Grays are a lovely knit with a great result.

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