Possibly another sock-related post

Part two of my hunt for possibly manly sock patterns covers patterns to buy. I am still sticking to the mainly textured patterns for my choice of socks, with a few cables thrown in for good measure. Although there are some wonderfully intricate patterns that have caught my eye, I don’t think I want to be excessively challenged at the moment. The good thing about knitting is that it can be frogged if you can’t face doing any more of a pattern and something fairly tame might end up being a richly cabled sock of wonderment.

I have recently managed to rein in my pattern-buying obsession. I used to buy patterns very much on a whim. No chocolate in the house? Buy a pattern! Random person being annoying? Buy a pattern! There’s “d” in the day of the week? Buy a pattern! You get the idea. :-D But I now am really trying to only buy patterns if I am about to cast on that very minute (after I’ve printed it out) or if they are so very bargainously cheap that it would be wrong not to.

I also have a good selection of manly sock patterns in books I already own, such as the gorgeous Knitting Vintage Socks and the eminently useful Sensational Knitted Socks, so I probably already own more than twelve suitable patterns and don’t NEED any more. But if I don’t fancy knitting any of those, I have plenty of others to choose from!

So, to the patterns!

John Huston, the Tarnished Hero by Rachel Coopey

Green Gable by Louise Tilbrook

Freshman Cable Socks by Star Athena

Sea Cruise Socks by Terry Morris

Rowan Moon Socks by Louise Tilbrook

(these are on the cusp of being a bit too cabley, but I might just risk it!)

Gansey Clock Socks by Ann Budd

Twisted Celtic Cable Socks by Diane Hall

Now it’s time to turn my attention to what yarns I am actually going to knit these from!

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  1. Karen MonsterID Icon Karen says:

    Two of the books I have are ‘Sock Innovation’ by Cookie A, and ‘Favourite Socks’ by Ann Budd. Beautiful books, with beautiful patterns, especially if you ever got around to knitting some for yourself. I do love the patterns you chosen so far, though x

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