Socks in a box!

Sadly not mine (I am not that efficient!), but from the inside of Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks. I do think this is a nice way of displaying them, though, and I might just steal the idea. I used to spend a lot of time making fancy pants labels for Mr B’s knitted socks which had all the yarn and pattern information, just as I’d do for giving them to another knitter. The difference being that a knitter would actually care about this sort of stuff. So nowadays I just wash, block and wrap them and he has so far never complained that he doesn’t know who designed the socks. :-P

One thought on “Socks in a box!

  1. Christine MonsterID Icon Christine says:

    I like that idea for storing socks – it would save me rootling around in a drawer trying to find a matching pair! I’ll have to snaffle one of the inserts that are used inside a box of wine next time I’m at work and cut it in half (or thirds) so it fits inside a drawer :) The only person outside of my house who gets hand-knitted socks is my Mum (oh, and I made a pair for my Dad once) and after what is now known as The Great Sock Felting Disaster (it was Natural Dye Studio yarn – eek!) I now make sure I use machine-washable yarn.

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