Socks, socks, socks, socks…

… or Part One of my hunt for manly sock patterns. I am really drawn to lots of texture and not overly-cabled designs at the moment. This means finding solid or almost-solid yarns that will show off stitch patterns. I could knit twelve pairs of stocking stitch socks, but it would probably end up with my throwing my needles out the window in frustration. All the sock patterns below are FREE, which is a bonus when it’s only mid-January. ;-)

Father’s Day Socks by Lion Brand Yarn

Woodpile Socks by Bethany Hill

Filey by Ingleside Belle

Java Socks by Cailyn Meyer

Elementary Watson Socks by Sherry Menton

Gravel Grid Socks by Jessica Baird

D’Artagnan by Caoua Coffee

(part of a collection of Musketeer sock patterns, all of which would make great manly socks; these are just my favourites!)

Patchwork Weasley Socks by Erica Lueder

I have started on the very first pair of manly socks with the Jojoland Melody yarn in my previous post. Just my basic brain sock, based on the stitch count from the freebie Regia pattern and the heel flap from Sensational Knitted Socks. I don’t need to refer to a pattern anymore as the numbers are all halves or quarters of the stitch count, though I do forget how to start off the heel turn every single time.

These will keep me occupied while I hunt for suitable yarn for one of the above pairs. :-D

3 thoughts on “Socks, socks, socks, socks…

  1. Marji MonsterID Icon Marji says:

    JUST throwing your needles out the window?

    I have a handy little dogtag thingy that reminds me how to do Kitchener stitch. I REALLY need one for heel turns.

    I suppose I COULD have it tattooed onto my forearm.

  2. Jennyff MonsterID Icon Jennyff says:

    How organised are you and you’ve selected some great patterns. I did start the woodpile ones myself but found they used a lot of yarn, the 100g I had wasn’t enough so I abandoned that project.

  3. Karen MonsterID Icon Karen says:

    I have exactly the same problem with heel turns, too! It just doesn’t seem to make sense, somehow does it? Mind you, this is from someone who had knitted several pairs of socks, before she realised that actually, it wasn’t magic but numbers that made socks work *grin* x

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