The Blanket of Procrastination

I have been knitting this blanket/throw/afghan for my sister for over a year now. Any other project that took this long to knit would have been cast aside and frogged by now, but somehow I keep picking it up and knitting a bit more and finally it has started to stop looking like a dishcloth and more like something to snuggle under on a miserable wet day like today (though we’ve been so lucky with the weather compared to a lot of people, so not complaining!).

I am so relieved that the navy blue section is finished. It felt like I was knitting it forever and although the next couple of sections have more stitches, they are only 33 ridges so less knitting overall and I’m already whizzing along on section 6. However, I am thinking that it is going to be too small unless I knit section nine:

which I originally thought I wouldn’t need. I do have three more sections to complete first, though, so maybe it’ll suddenly be big enough. Chances are I’ll do a bit more and then get distracted by something new and shiny, but at the moment it’s perfect knitting and keeps my legs warm to boot. :-D

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