A Little Bit of (Crochet) Lace

The first pair of socks for the box are done and awaiting a blocking. I am trying to do it secretly which is hard when Mr B is currently working from home and there is nowhere to hide a pair of wet socks on sock blockers. I might have to hope that his customary project-blindness extends to not seeing strange things on our bed. :-)

While I impatiently wait to be able to buy the yarn for the next pair, I have given in to my urge to knit lace buy crocheting some.

I wanted to try to make a peter pan style collar for a plain top I have, and after having a search on Ravelry, found the Crochet Peter Pan Collar by Emma Escott, which is perfect. The pattern is really well-written which is good for a novice like me, and other than the fact that I can’t get a really nice even chain, it’s not going too badly.

The yarn is Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton 4ply, which I bought from Loveknitting as they currently have an offer for free postage on your first order and I am a sucker for free postage. :-) The yarn arrived in this cute little bag, which is perfect for storing the WIP:

No real rush to get this finished, anyway, as there is still a whole week before I can buy more sock yarn. If the weather stays as rubbish as it has been, I plan to spend the weekend crocheting tiny stitches. Hope you have a good one, whatever you do!

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