FO: Crochet Beanies

Pattern: Neon Lights by myboshi from Simply Crochet, February 2014
Manly version – Stylecraft Special Chunky, 1 x 100g in colour: #1002 Black and #1203 Silver
Small person’s version – Cygnet Aran, ½ x 100g in colour: #6964 Crimson and Cascade 220, ½ x 100g in colour: #9478 Cotton Candy
Hooks: 5mm and 6mm

These socks look very odd, don’t they? :-P Truth is that I got a bit distracted over the past few days with the idea of crocheting a beanie hat for Mr B in the style of the one worn by ski-jumping celebrities on Channel 4. Then I saw that there was a pattern in the latest issue of Simply Crochet, and it just had to be done. :-D And then Rose saw his hat and wanted her own. Fortunately crochet is amazingly quick!

I would have finished Mr B’s hat in an afternoon if I hadn’t had to unravel it twice: once because I thought his head was bigger than it was and once because I can randomly increasing once stitch at the end of each round. This has been a good pattern to help me learn where to stick my hook. With smaller flowery crochet stuff, I can wing it, but not with something that needs to actually fit! I followed the pattern as written for both hats, working an extra increase round on both. Rose’s is worked in aran weight rather than chunky, and the pattern as written wasn’t making a wide enough hat.

I can admit this here because no one can point and laugh at me, but it took far too long for me to work out how to make a multi-coloured pompom… but I think they’re great now they’re done and quite honestly, my Prym pompom maker is the best gadget I own. I now shudder at the idea of cutting out cardboard rings and slowly threading the yarn round and round.

For a non-hat wearer like my other half, this is a very exuberant sort of hat, but we are going away for a dirty weekend in Brighton at the end of the month, and it will be very cold. And it’s definitely the sort of place where a jaunty hat will fit in perfectly. :-)

2 thoughts on “FO: Crochet Beanies

  1. Karen MonsterID Icon Karen says:

    I think the only kind of weekend to have in Brighton is a dirty one! Lucky you. We are going to Wisbech at the end of the month! And, staying with our son and grandson. So, it will possibly be a clean weekend, in all senses of the notion.
    I love the hats, and will promptly buy the Simply Crochet magazine, or steal the pattern from someone who has it, if I am too late.

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