FO: Crochet Collars and An Apple

Slightly behind in updating my FOs, so I’ve combined my recent crochet escapades into one handy post. :-P

Pattern: Crochet Peter Pan Collar by Emma Escott
Yarn: Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton 4ply, a smidgen of 100g ball in colour: #1851 Cream
Hook: 3mm

I completed this collar a couple of weeks ago. It’s gorgeous: very delicate and lacy and thus far too girly for me, sadly. It was a brilliant learning experience, though, as I needed to get over my fear of making chains rather than sticking to projects that can be worked from the centre outwards.

Pattern: Peter Pan Collar Crochet Pattern by Rachele The Nearsighted Owl
Yarn: Sirdar Supersoft Aran, about ¼ x 100g in colour: #0891 Plummy (discontinued)
Hook: 5.5mm

After the previous collar disappointment, I trawled Ravelry for other collar patterns that I could try and found this one. It’s much plainer and worked in a heavier-weight yarn which is good for speedy finishing and I love it. I have pinned it to my top at the front and back to stop it slipping, but will probably sew it into place as it suits the top perfectly. It’s a very simple pattern and took no time at all to finish.

Pattern: Basic Apple Pattern by Jennifer May from Simply Crochet, Issue 7
Yarn: Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton 4ply, a smidgen of 100g ball in colour: #1851 Cream, plus random oddments of red and brown fingering-weight yarn
Hook: 2½mm

Finally, after all that collar crocheting, I decided to try a pattern that I had liked since I first saw it in Simply Crochet but thought it would be too fiddly and complicated for my newbie crocheter status. With so much leftover cotton 4ply, though, I figured I might as well give it a go. An hour later and I had an apple! It needs a pin on the back and then I will wear it as a brooch and embarrass my eldest children and cause envy in my youngest who has decided that she NEEDS an apple for herself. NEEDS one. I didn’t realise that I had been such a neglectful parent. ;-)

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