FO: January Socks

Pattern: Basic manly sock, loosely based on the Regia freebie one
Yarn: Jojoland Melody, 2 x 50g in colour: #Y46
Needles: 2½mm circs

I am aware that it’s actually halfway through February, but as these are the first of the manly socks in a box, they’re going to be the January ones. These are the most basically basic of socks, and a good way to dip my toe (ha!) into the multiple-sock-pair-knitting waters.

Today is a good day for sock knitting. Firstly, because Vegan Yarn Store has finally opened, so at 9am on the dot I ordered some Panda Cotton Solid yarn for the next pair of socks. Having to wait for the yarn to arrive doesn’t really help my plan to knit another pair by the end of February, so my next target is to get two pairs done by the end of March.

Secondly, I have found another vegan sock yarn to add to my list! Rico Superba Cotton Stretch which is a blend of 79% Cotton, 18% Polyamide and 3% Polyester. Ignore the fibre content on the Ravelry page; it appears that it’s changed recently and needs fixing. It’s available in the UK from Hulu Crafts, so that’s the next pair after the Panda Cotton pair sorted. :-D

Finally, I have found more manly sock yarn in my stash! This is what comes of listing my stash on Ravelry and then not actually looking at it..! I have some Four Seasons Hot Socks which is variegated greens and blues, so will be the April (?) socks as it will suit a plain sock and I need some patterning in my life right now.

Have a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “FO: January Socks

  1. Jennyff MonsterID Icon Jennyff says:

    I like your planning and I’m glad you are sourcing acceptable yarn. I needed to start a new pair of socks last night, checked the stash, grabbed a pattern and away. Today I’ll probably find a pattern and some yarn I’d have preferred to use instead but then they all have to be knit at some stage. Have a good weekend.

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