In Which I Win A Book!

I never win anything, so when I won a copy of The Scrumptious Collection Volume 3 on Lien‘s blog, I was utterly speechless for a whole five seconds and then did a happy dance around the room. My copy arrived on Saturday, so I’ve had a happy weekend browsing the beautiful patterns and forgetting that I am rubbish at finishing sweaters and mentally casting on about five projects at once.

Hamble Sweater by Lien Ngo

This is easily my favourite; not just because it’s Lien’s design and I won her competition. :-P I love the patterned yoke (like Lauriel) and all that garter stitch would be nice and soothing to knit. Though I might make it longer in the body and more a-line so that it doesn’t stop at the widest point on my body!

I also love:

Iwerne Cardigan by Kyoko Nakayoshi

Rosemorran Cardigan by Belinda Boaden

and more likely to get finished before 2015:

Lerryn Mittens by Rachel Coopey

Rock Lea by Judy Furlong

Definitely a book worth looking at if you’re in the market for some new and lovely patterns. :-D

1 Comment on In Which I Win A Book!

  1. Karen MonsterID Icon Karen
    Monday, 10th February 2014 at 5:41 pm (10 months ago)

    Wow, congratulations! But, which will you choose to do first? I wouldn’t know where to start and, like you, would go for at least five at once. Get knitting, woman!

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